ufplogo_mosaic To our Star Trek fanfiction website!

ST is short for “Star Trek” – as many of you might already know – and fanfiction describes stories written by fans for fans, using the characters of already existing TV shows/movies to make up your own little adventure for them.

There are a lot of fanfiction websites out there but whenever you want to read a story you need to be online or you have to save the story in html first. As we both wanted to give you the opportunity to read our stories like you would read a normal book, we created this page to offer our own fanfiction stories as pdf download – and in the near future probably also as epub-data which can be downloaded to read on your ebook. This way you don’t need to stay online to enjoy the stories AND you can take them wherever you like (including the cover art or illustrations)!

The main focus of this website is on ST Deep Space Nine, ST The Next Generation and ST Voyager. It’s a collaboration between two friends writing in two different languages so we decided to make this website bilingual as well. Just choose the English/German button to switch between the two languages to better navigate this site. As our website is still under construction, it’s definitely worth dropping by every once in a while to see what is new!

If you like one of our stories or if you want to share your thoughts on it, please feel free to leave a comment or drop us a line! (No… rather consider it an order!:)

And now, have fun!!

Mijra & Christina


Please note: If you’re using Firefox 26 some fonts might not be displayed correctly. However, this does not affect the PDFs for download.

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