The Darkness Within

Star Trek – Deep Space Nine

The Dominion War is taking a turn for the worse. While the odds for the Federation to put a quick end to the war against the Dominion are lower than ever, the crew of the Defiant gets assigned to a secret mission within the Alpha Quadrant to rescue the crew of a missing Vulcan research vessel out of Dominion territory.

At the same time Dr. Julian Bashir is slowly starting to realize that something is utterly wrong with him. Torn between his duties as a Starfleet officer in the upcoming mission and the strange recurring nightmares hauting him, he struggles to solve the mystery before the situation gets out of hands…

(Set between the episodes “Inquisition” and “In the pale moonlight” – season 6)


Love, Mijra

Timeline: Season 6

Characters: Bashir, Sisko, Dax

Length: about 126,000 words

Category: drama, tragedy

Rated: T – just in case (However, no sexual content or strong language)


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The Darkness Within

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Some additional notes: The original story consists of two separate parts which have been brought together in this version to fit into one single PDF. Originally published on in 2011/2012.