TSWK CoverStar Trek – Deep Space Nine

At the age of fifteen Julian Bashir uncovers a secret about his past that will change his life forever. Six years later, he has finally accepted to live with the truth he knows he will never be able to confide in anybody else. Following the path that seems to have already been laid out for him, he enrolls in Starfleet Medical Academy, trying to make the best of the gift he was given.

But it is there that his determination suddenly begins to waver. With new friends and the daily struggle with his medical studies, he has to learn that growing up and finding your own way isn’t always easy. And that sometimes, innocence can be taken from us within the blink of an eye. (Set during Julian Bashir’s years at Starfleet Medical Academy – a pre-DS9 story.)

Love, Mijra

Timeline:     pre DS9 (set four years before the first season)

Characters:  Bashir

Length:        about 67,000 words

Category:    drama, tragedy

Rated:         G


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Mijra – The secrets we keep PDF

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Some additional notes: This story also contains the one-chapter sequel “The Bonds We Share”.